Patrickai??i??s specialty of customising all his appearances enables him to have that unique difference of a personalized performance for many occasions.


For that unique proposal!! For a truly magical experience then talk to Patrick about how he can help you present a proposal to your beloved that will be remembered for a lifetime.
Patrick’s experience and creativity will ensure that you can achieve your vision with a minimum of fuss or expertise.
Alternatively, Patrick can present what appears a magic performance , in which ultimately an engagement ring magically appears, just waiting for you to then pop the question!


Have your photos taken in a leisurely manner knowing your friends and family are being happily entertained with Patrickai??i??s Strolling Magic. As 2008 ai???NZai??i??s Close-up Magic Championai???, you can be rest assured your guests are in good hands!

Special Birthdays

All birthdays are special but if you want to add some razzmatazz to a loved ones celebration be it 18 or 80 then contact Patrick to discuss the options. Patrick goes to the extra effort to customises his shows to ensure that all involved have a memorable experience, all performed professionally with humour, amusement and first class magic!

Any celebration where you require a performance with a personal difference, contact Patrick!